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Lookin' for a witch...

So, the chip had t'go.

Harm had taken me back and all, but on the condition we go t'Paris.


She had some minions out gettin' us food -- yeah, imagine that, Harm has minions now -- but meanwhile...meanwhile we had a plan.

Harm and I were takin' back SunnyHell. 'Course I can't bite a thing, and soldier-boys won't give me a nice doc t'remove the bloody chip, so...

We're off t'find the witch. After all, she was gonna do that love spell for me after Dru dumped me...

"Here," I said to Harm, noddin' at the dorm room. Hopefully the Slayer was out...

I knocked on the door t'the room, lettin' Harm take the lead.

C'mon, witch...let us in...
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I sighed and laid back on the porch in our backyard. There were bad memories here now, something I thought I'd escaped. As I exhaled a long thin stream of smoke, I looked down at the bottle of scotch between my knees. My lover, my love, my life was inside tending our children. And all I wanted to do was run away. I had killed for her, four times now, had killed and not show any mercy. And now, I wanted to run so far away that I couldn't smell their stink on me anymore.

I took another long drink, the scotch burning my throat. I've always been a rough chick, I've never been tender or soft like Ariel. I've never had breasts or padded hips, I've always been all angles and alcohol and tattoos... And I've never loved someone the way I love her. I love every inch of her sweet flesh, and I love our children.

I finished off the scotch and wondered if she'd notice if I left...
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My Veruca has gotten the four of us a house with the check that her father gave her, it’s so perfect. More then I could ever want ever. There’s two extra rooms for when the babies get older so they can have their own separate rooms, then there’s ours which right now they babies are usually in all the time, cept when we have me and her time…
I have never been so in love in my entire life, I didn’t know it was possible to love someone as much as I do my Veruca, before her I didn’t even believe that love was actually out there, not after the hell he had put me through but all of that is far in my past now and that’s where it well stay.

Veruca took Tala to the store with her to get food for the house so I decided to take Naomi for a walk in the park, it was really pretty and very sunny.
When the wind picked up I new scent hit me, but it wasn’t new…too familiar..fear came into my eyes as I could sense 4 females wolves nearby, the girls from the pack.
I held my baby in my arms and began running as hard and as fat as I could when I heard a growl then suddenly was pounced roughly to the ground.
“Leaving so soon Ariel dear?” Jen grinned and growled at me as I tried to scurry awy, holding my baby to me protectively.
“Where is he Ariel?! You killed him didn’t you!” Sarah growled and walked towards me looking at Naomi “she’s his, she belongs to us, to the pack. Give her over Ariel”
“! she’s mine, stay away from her” I growld and yelled
They laughed at me “You think you can take on the three of us? Come on Ariel really, give her up before we take her from you”
“I wont let you take my baby” my eyes went yellow of the wolfs
“fine, have it your way then” they all wolfed and chassed me
I ran off fast and managed to put Naomi safely into the bushes then ran again but got pounced hard to the ground.
Needless to say all three beat the shit out of me, enough to almost kill me but not giving me that relief, they rather me go through the pain.
I tried to get up as they picked up my little girl and walked off but I couldn’t move, a pool of blood formed under me as I passed out right there on the ground.

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How do I get myself into these situations? Sheer bad luck, or do the gods really have something against me? Am I really so very desperate for company? For someone, anyone -- anyone at all -- I can talk to (who isn't going to tie me up and threaten to kill me, that is)?

Yes, I suppose I am, at that.

And I hope the Hellmouth opens and swallows me whole if anyone ever finds out about this.
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The children have been born and it was hell. But Tala is cute enough and doesn't look like her father thank god. In fact, she kind of looks like my Ariel, but I know that's impossible, I mean, she's mine...

No, she and Naomi are both ours, not his at all...

And my dad sent us a blank check. I'm going to get us a house with it. Or at least put down a sizable down payment. One with a wonderful backyard and woods that we can all run free in...

It'll be wonderful. And fantastic.

And all those things I ever said and then we'll live happily forever after...
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I dropped most of my classes at the college, just kept the class that I’m majoring in. I probably would have dropped that as well but then I wouldn’t be able to live at the dorm and with the babies I cant afford to get an apartment or anything like that.

Was hard to explain how I was suddenly pregnant to everyone, just told them I had been wearing very baggy clothes and they slowly just dropped the questions.
I’m so in love with my little baby and Veruca’s as well. Their so cute, born into the wolves as well. I see the babies as mine and Veruca’s, they arent his, they wont grow to know of him, they well just grow to know its always been her and I for their whole lives and nothing more.

While my Veruca was at class I stayed in with the babies, her little girl was fast asleep in her crib and mine had just finished feeding.

I sat on the bed with her in my arms as her little hands played with my fingers, cooing softly, smiled down to her happily.
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It took me a few moments to pick myself up off the floor after the last time Faith slammed me into the wall. Face it Rupert, I told myself, you just aren't bouncing back the way you used to. I could only thank the gods for small mercies: I wasn't unconscious, and I waited until Faith left before I broke down. I didn't realise it was such a near-run thing. Now that the adrenalin wasn't keeping me buoyed any longer and I didn't have to save face, all I felt was weak, and sore. Very, very sore. I dragged myself over to the sofa and fell onto it.

'You're looking more than a little worse for wear,' I commented after I let myself back in. I was going to pay for this later, and I knew it. One glare would have told me that, if I hadn't known already. Yes, the day would come, but it hadn't arrived yet -- so the opportunity was just too irresistible to pass up.

'What's the matter, Rupert? Forget the safety word?'
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I laid on the floor at an awkward angle, the ropes that the crazy British dude had put on me had started to burn into my wrists. I was also having a hard time breathing thanks to the rope around my neck which had made me stop struggling so much. Who was that guy anyway and why was he all up in Giles' face like that? Don't know if I can believe that Giles would dig a guy like that, he just seems so...librarianish.
Waving my head I managed to get the majority of dark hair off of my face so I could see Giles.
"So what's the plan now?" I asked evenly.

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I've come to the conclusion that if I don't "get a life," as common parlance would have it, very soon, I'm going to lose my bloody mind.

I read in the local paper the other day that the owner of one of the local magic shops has been found murdered -- again. Even in Sunnydale, their mortality rates seem unusually high. One would think that the owner of a magic shop would be able to perform a few basic protection spells to prevent that sort of thing from happening so very often, but I guess not, if past history is any indication.
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I was a little drowsy, half-asleep. I rolled over, expecting to see Xander lying next to me,

"Xander?" I murmured, sitting up, with chains around my wrists and legs "Wait, where the hell am I?"

I remembered, Spike. Ugh, he had taken me away to his crummy little crypt. Great. At least he couldn't hurt me, thanks to the chip in his head. I laid there, waiting for someone to realize I was missing, however long THAT would take.
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