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Time:11:02 pm
He stood me up. I can't believe he stood me up. "William the Bloody," they all called him so I assumed he'd be the best of the vampires, but no. He didn't even show at the crypt, let alone with other strong vampires. I couldn't believe him, I shooed all of the vampires away, telling them that I wouldn't need them and they were weak, anyway.

I was so mad at Spike, so I went out for a long walk in the graveyard, just thinking of how I hated him. How I'd burn him while staking him. I'd make him go through pain he didn't even know that he could feel. I started making plans, but before I could, I was interrupted by a noise in the graveyard. I moaned.

"Can't someone get any peace out here?"
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Time:07:46 pm
I was risking an awful bloody lot, sitting outside the Magic Box. The scoobies were all sitting inside, chattering their little 'eads off bout vamp Buffy. Course we needed one o them for bait, I wouldn't deny that. The bird Anya was just the one for it, not 'aving any special powers. Only the whelp would really be looking to go after her anyway.
The Slayer left the magic box with red and her girl... Tara. The watcher followed soon after, leaving Anya to close up. The whelp kissed Anya and headed out the door, back toward his 'ome. I dropped from the roof, walking cross the street and into the shop. "Allo luv."
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Time:11:13 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
Things with my Veruca have been more then great, I have never met anyone like her before and never want to, I truly love her and know she feels the same about me. Every night is perfect then waking in her arms is like bliss.
After breakfast we went shopping down at the mall, both of us becoming too big for most of our tight pants.
We found a lot of cute clothes though in the changing room it wasn’t easy to try on clothes while both of us were half nude.
I grinned and wound up a shirt hitting her in the ass with its tip.
"Stop that or I will spank you right here." She growled and pulled a pair of pants on “You like?”
I grinned “I like the pants and the threat" I growled playfully and wound it up again.
She pulled me over her lap "Don't consider it."
I grinned and bit at her side with a growl and got spanked on my ass “Stop that!”
I liked it a bit too much “Stop what? This?” I grinned and licked her bare side before playfully biting it again only to get swatted again, I giggled and turned wrapping my arms around her neck and kissed her deeply then got up and pulled on a cute mini sundress that showed a lot of leg, wouldn’t fit me in a few days but it looked cute when I get my figure back.
After we were done trying on clothes we exited the changing rooms and I bought the clothes for us, she tried to slip me a fifty but later on I snuck it back into her pocket without her knowing.
We walked through the mall and went to a couple places more, also made out in a few random places before going to the food court and sitting at a table to eat. We playfully fought for each others food which just led into more kissing as she ran her hand down my inner thigh.
She bit into some of my chicken "Very yummy." She nodded then leaned over, whispering so only I could hear. "But not half as yummy as you."
I couldn’t help but giggle and kiss her long and sweet before feeding her more chicken. There were three teen boys sitting at a table across from us watching as we made out and they pissed her off, I tried to get her to go but she got up and went over. After they argued back and forth I finally got her to just walk away and we left, knew she didn’t wanna walk away from a fight but I didn’t want us getting into trouble for them being assholes.
When we got back to the dorm we relaxed each other, having way too much fun, never wanting my lips to leave her body, or her lips to leave mine.
We wolfed and played in our wolves I giggled through my mind and pawed her away and off the bed again. put my paws on the edge and peeked over "Whatch ya doin down there pet? She hoped up and pushed me off as well, her wolf is much bigger then mine, very much a pup compared to her. After playing we curled up under the covers still as our wolves and fell asleep together, very happy.

This morning we went to classes and had lunch together on campus before going back to class again.
After class I walked back to the dorm and took a nap, tired from the fun we had last night then woke around 7ish and she wasn’t around so I pulled on the cute mini sundress I had just bought and exited the dorm and went for a walk, not really planning on a certain place to go, just walking.

((Open to anyone))
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Time:04:40 pm
Current Mood:worriedworried
Kind of worried about everyone, with this vampire version of Buffy walking around, and from what I hear Faith's back and causing trouble.

This doesn't bode well for the scoobies, y'know what I mean?

I walked out of our bedroom and over to Anya, who was sitting on the couch watching a movie, and sighed, thinking about that. Not looking forward to anyone else adding to problems, y'know?

"So..." I said converstaionally. "Whatcha watchin'?"
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Time:08:09 am
It's time to find Buffy, well, the vampire Buffy. This whole thing reeks of magicks gone wrong.
I walked through the cemetery smoking a fag while thinking about how I could use the vampire Buffy to my advantage. But how could I convince her over? The shag and coax wasn't going to work with this bint. The sounds of fighting reached my ears and I saw several figures having at it in the distance. It's was vamp Buffy, tearing apart one of the local nests. Gotta hand it to her, she was doing a right nice job of it. She ripped off the head of one of the early nineties looking buggers and turned to see the last of the nest running for their crypt. "You did a bloody nice job there, luv."
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Time:08:20 pm
God, I knew something was wrong with that stupid Buffy. She was a VAMPIRE. Hmm... I wonder who sired her.

I paced around the apartment, thinking of things to buy with Xander's newly earned money, and then I went out on a whim and picked up the newspaper lying on the table. I flipped to the Classified section and searched for jobs...

"Hmmm, Lawnmower? Nope." I muttered to myself, paging through the jobs, yuck... waitress, house cleaner, chef... I seemed to be rather underqualified for everything. I wonder what Giles would have to say, he was smart... and stuff. Plus, no one else was around during the day. They all had lives.

I walked up to Giles' door and walked in, "GILES?!?!?!" I screamed "HELLoOOoOOoo?"
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Time:06:35 pm
After I left the meeting, I knocked a couple of vampires out of a particularily nice crypt, and planned a killing...of Buffy, and all of her friends.
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Time:09:08 pm
Eric is dead.. Veruca killed him, after ten years of him owning and abusing me it all finally stops.. just like that. In a way I wish that she didn't, felt like I needed to be the one to do it but its done and I don't have to fear about what he might come and do to me again.
He got me and her pregnant but I don't see it as his child, I see it as mine and Veruca’s and it well always be that way. her and I well be the only two that well raise the babies, forever and I love the thought of it.
She didn't want to have her baby, wanted an abortion so I took her down to LA where she wanted to go but once we got there she didn't want to go through with it so I calmed her down , promising that I would be here for her through the very end, and I well be.
When we got back to my place we talked a while but it ended in naughty fun. me majoring in Massage Therapy in college is a big advantage, I know all the hot spots there are on the body and I know everywhere she likes, how to touch each spot on her body just perfectly. I love to touch her smooth body, I crave her when she isn't around.
After classes today I went to work at the bar and headed home around 11 or so, Veruca wasn't in so I just pulled off my leather clothes and wolfed out hoping up onto the bed and crawled under the covers with just the tip of my wolfy nose peaking out and fell asleep.
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Time:02:15 pm
I wanted fun. I was bored at spying on Buffy patrolling, so I decided to stop by at the watcher's house. While looking at him though the window he also seemed...boring, but what can you do?

I knocked on his dorr and put on the best sweet Buffy voice I could. "Giles? Can I come in?"
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Time:01:40 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
Yes, well after Willow's magical little escapade in which she got captured by the insanely crazed "Faith"... all is rather silent around sunnydale. I'm sitting in the new apartment waiting for Xander to come home, as when I stand outside, something fangy usually has a blonde-a-rific breakdown.
I perk up as I hear the familiar sound of someone putting a key in the lock, I rush to the door and unlock it and run to Xander...

"Hello! How was work?" I squeal

I get so very bored whenever he's at work, because I have absolutely nothing to do at all...
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[icon] Doomed Sunnydale
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